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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, this product is, indeed, the bee’s knees.

Any other 90s kids in the house?

If you’re like me, you grew up around Lisa Frank, scrunchies, and hair crimpers. You roller bladed, collected Tamagotchis, and subscribed to the best animal magazine out there:




Are you having flashbacks? You’re not alone! Zoobooks were a staple when I was in school, and just looking at the covers brings back the warm fuzzies of a time filled with fun, Lunchables, and the Oregon Trail.

So when Zoobooks asked me to help spread the word about their four (yes, they have four now!) subscriptions, I was thrilled!

Our (almost) two-year-old is the most voracious bookworm I’ve ever met, and his love for animals makes these the perfect treats!




For those ages 6-12, this original classic has won numerous awards since its inception in 1990. Filled with art and age-appropriate writing, each magazine focuses on one animal.




This is the pre-school version of Zoobooks, intended for readers ages 3-6. You and your little ones will enjoy photos, art, and family activities!




For those ages 0-3, Zoobies are the perfect introduction to the world of animals for infants and toddlers.




The newest addition to the catalog is Zoodinos! Designed for children ages 5+, Zoodinos help dinosaurs come to life with simple, interactive text and leaning activities.

The avid reader in our home definitely approves! In fact, during one particularly rough car ride, the only thing that would calm him down was his Zoobies book.

And, we’ve found him in his crib in the morning (twice now!), sweetly reading the book. He’d somehow managed to pull it through the slats in his crib. Presumably, out of sheer desire to discover what those bears eat!



Wildlife Education, Ltd. produces all of the Zoobooks series, and this year is their 37th birthday! To help celebrate, they’re giving away a subscription of your choice to two lucky readers. Enter by Wednesday, June 14 , for your chance to win!

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