Wrap, Recycle, Repeat with Wrappily

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, this product is, indeed, the bee’s knees.

Did you know that wrapping paper and shopping bags make up approximately 4 million tons of trash in the U.S. every year? And, we throw away 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each holiday season (that’s enough to circle the world nine times, folks!).

If you’re like me, you will always choose to wrap gifts over putting them in a bag. It takes longer, sure, but it looks prettier. Here’s the thing though: most wrapping paper is made with dye, additives, and laminates that cannot be recycled. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of waste.

That’s where Wrappily comes in.


With Wrappily, your gifts look incredible AND you won’t feel guilty about hurting the Earth while treating your loved ones.

I was honored to try out this beautiful, useful product when wrapping my mother’s birthday gifts (happy birthday, mom!). The pattern was perfect with the theme I’d created, and I just adore the colors on this paper.


Wrapilly papers are:

  • printed on local newspaper presses
  • recyclable
  • reversable (see image below)
  • so, so, so cute


And best of all, they’re the brainchild of a woman entrepreneur. Sara Smith founded Wrappily in 2013 after realizing there had to be a better solution to her need to straighten out all the crinkled wrapping paper she kept after holidays (I get you, girl!).


Headquartered in Maui, the products aren’t yet available at Oklahoma retailers, but you can order your favorite styles online. Take my word for it, though… you’re going to have many favorites.

If you’re feeling creative, there’s even better news:

Wrappily is currently hosting an Earth Day Design Contest. Submit two designs (front and back) to their contest for your chance to win money, paper, and fame!



What’s your favorite Wrappily print? Let me know in the comments!




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