What makes a brother?

brother holding hands

Ask yourself – what makes a brother?
It isn’t always background, blood,
Or shared genetics from a mother

It’s not about those you’re born beside
But, rather, to whom you turn,
With whom you share and confide

Brotherhood is about a choice
A chance to share a life,
A past, a future, and a voice

It’s not about what’s found on the surface
But, rather, what’s right, what’s real,
And serves a greater purpose

Brotherhood is colorblind and fair
It isn’t dependent upon skin tone,
Status, or texture of hair

It’s built on a much stronger foundation
One that requires no rules,
No explanations or translations

After all, what makes a brother?
It’s simple. Strength, love,
And respect for the other.


This Foster Care Awareness Month, I’m reminded how easy it was for my sons to accept each other as brothers. Effortless. Obvious. They just went with it. It doesn’t matter that they look nothing alike. It doesn’t matter that they don’t share a drop of DNA. My oldest is proud to quickly introduce his brother, his “baby,” to strangers. And, I hope that never changes.

If they can embrace unconventional brotherhood, so can you.


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