Vacation Part 2 – Chicago, the Mesmerizing

It’s taken me longer than expected to share photos from the second part of our recent family vacation. We’ve been busy lately, as I’m sure you can relate!

After visiting family in the beautiful state of Ohio, we drove a few hours away for a mini-vacation to Chicago. This was our first official vacation with just the three of us, and it was a wonderful time. We stayed in a 1920s hotel right in the heart of it all, walked the Magnificent Mile, ate the best pizza ever made, went to the Navy Pier, visited the park, and Russell even got to ride his first train! The best part for me was discovering a Target in the middle of the downtown buildings on our way to the pier.

If you’ve never been to Chicago, friends, you have to go. It’s beautiful! I first visited the city two years ago on a business trip, and absolutely fell in love with it. That love was reignited when we returned as a family. It’s historic, ornate, and lively. A sharp contrast to the farm life we’d seen in Ohio, Chicago is bustling and loud. I don’t know if I could ever live there because it’s just so fast-paced and everyone honks at everyone, but hey, if the Chicago Bulls call and offer me a job, I won’t turn it down.




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