Tearin’ down the walls

After easily peeling the wallpaper off in the craft room, we assumed we would achieve similar success in the guest room. Unfortunately that was not the case, and it turned out to be a big mess. Luckily the job is done now. Well, half done.

First we started with a Piranha perforating tool. This thing was supposed to penetrate the wallpaper and allow a warm chemical solution to break apart the wallpaper glue underneath for easy peeling. So we scrubbed the pants out of the wall with the tool allowing the small blades to do their work. Sure enough little holes and tears appeared everywhere. Then we sprayed the walls down with a mix of Piranha wallpaper removal and hot water, and let it sit a while.


When we came back to start peeling, we realized only the top layer of the wallpaper came off easily. The glue layer underneath, untouched by the chemicals, did not peel off at all. It seems the wallpaper was so thick that the chemicals did not penetrate. So we made due with what we could, and tore down all of the top layer. After that job was complete, we set to soaking the second layer again with the water mix.


With the second layer soaked, we were able to use sponges to rub off the glue layer. It came off with a lot of effort, but left the drywall underneath nice and clean. The floor of the room, however, was covered at this point in millions of strips of wallpaper. Oh fun!


After many hours of labor through a few afternoons, we managed to get every little scrap of wallpaper off the walls. Almost all of it. Next step is a light dry scrubbing to remove any last remaining bits, and then a few fresh coats of paint!


More from these two DIY’ers to come later. From now on we will post weekly updates, if not more.


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