Russell’s story begins

It’s hard to believe that our little guy is already a week old. It’s been a whirlwind of a week full of excitement and little sleep, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world!

It all started on Saturday, June 13. After feeling like something just wasn’t right, Byron and I finally decided to head to the hospital to make sure things were okay. I’d been in the hospital a few days before for monitoring, and we wanted to play it safe. I had no intentions of staying at the hospital. In fact, as we walked out the door, I looked at the hospital bag we’d prepared weeks earlier and said to leave it behind. We wouldn’t be needing it.

Our son had other plans. When I got to the hospital, I was told that my water had broken without me knowing it and I was slowly losing the fluid. Without warning, they admitted me and our adventure began. After two and a half hours of attempting to get an IV in me (I’ve always had trouble with IVs, but it usually doesn’t take nearly two dozen attempts), my parents arrived around 3 a.m. I was given a medicine to speed up labor since I was induced and we all waited around hoping for the little guy to arrive healthy and happy. After a few scares here and there – like my obsession with the heart monitor that kept track of his stress levels and the fact that my blood pressure kept dipping dangerously low (which is why I was on oxygen) – it was time!

Russell Lee was born on a rainy Sunday afternoon at 4:19 p.m. on June 14. He weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and measured 20″ long. He has a ton of hair, which has tones of brown and blonde. And although it may be too early to tell, we think his eyes are a beautiful blue.

It has been so much fun to watch him discover the world this past week. We’ve already seen him grow and change, and bits of his personality are already forming. He’s the sweetest baby who just loves to cuddle. He wants to be in the arms of someone at all times, and we can’t help but oblige.

Thanks everyone for the support and prayers you sent our way during our special day! We are so thankful for this precious baby and can’t imagine our lives without him. Sure, I’d be getting more than an hour of sleep a night, but I’d be missing out on a piece of my heart that I never knew belonged to someone else.

Enjoy the first photographs of Russell below, and know there are many more to come!























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