Russell – one year update

I honestly don’t know how it’s possible that Russell is a year old already. Truly, I have no idea. I remember people telling me that it flies by, but I always kinda smiled and nodded, never really believing it. And now, here I am. Twelve months later, we’ve been through a lot. There was the colic, the constant crying, the acid reflux, the allergies, the tummy troubles, the sleepless months. But, there was also the laughter, smiles, dancing, cute outfits, and snuggles. I want to say thank you to everyone who has gone on this journey with us and update you on Russell’s little life.

Favorite Toys: Basketballs (smart boy), and any toys that play music

Favorite Food: This kid hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like. He will clear an entire children’s plate of food at a restaurant, post-appetizer and juice cup. Tomatoes are his least favorite, but he does love bananas, carrots, green beans, and chicken.

Words: “Dada” (although, it sounds like ‘dat-dat’), “Bapf” (I think this is ‘bath’), and other various goo-goo-ga-ing

Teeth: 12…six on top, six on bottom.

Favorite Character/Show: We haven’t introduced him to any shows or anything, so he doesn’t have a favorite character, like Elmo or Peppa or whatever. But, he does enjoy watching American Ninja Warrior with us, so that’s promising.


Favorite Activity: Water. He is 100% a water baby. He loves to go to the swimming pool and would absolutely sell his soul for a ticket to the splash pad. Seriously, his version of heaven is being held under a water source until he’s completely drenched. He’s such a weird kid.

Biggest Quirk: He’s a dancer. If he hears music, he will start dancing. The other day, he was getting down to the sick beat the cart at Target was making as I wheeled him through the store. And, incidentally, his signature move is “The Chop,” which is a sort of swinging arm situation that looks like he’s playing Fruit Ninja. He’s also got a really strong booty-shakin’ game.

Personality: Russell is the biggest sweatheart. He’s a cuddler, gives kisses, and still loves to be held. He’s also the biggest flirt known to man. Anywhere we go – literally, anywhere – we are stopped by at least one person who has fallen prey to his flirting. He is a huge social butterfly who absolutely craves the attention of others. If we go to a restaurant, he will make it his mission to get the attention of at least one other table until someone laughs at him. He also blows kisses to random women, and keeps a close eye on any female baby he fancies (which is all. of. them).

We’ve enjoyed getting to know Russell this past year, and are excited to see what his future holds. Even though it’s difficult for me to realize he’s a toddler now, I know there will still be “firsts.” First step, first phrase, first injury, and so on. And for that, I’m grateful.


P.S. – Look at this ham:



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