5 road trips worthy of an RV bucket list

It’s July, which means we’re in the middle of summer. In humid, hot Oklahoma.

Every time I step outside, I’m mentally transported to a list of escapes I so desperately want to take. Alaska, for example. Or even better, Antarctica. As you know, we love to camp and our beloved Scamp has become a home away from home these past few months. So I can’t help but picture jumping in an RV and heading down the highway in search of (cold) adventure.

It’s a dream that resulted in the creation of an RV bucket list—a list of the best road trip routes in the U.S. And while we may not be able to take the journey this summer, I’m hopeful we (or YOU!) will soon.

If you’re not as into camping as we are, rest assured that cross-country camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. In fact, a simple update like an elite bed and mattress from Savvy Rest can make an adventure even more enjoyable.

Without further ado, here are five of our road trip bucket list destinations:

US Route 20

Traveling from coast to coast along the longest road in America, you’ll find many delightful places to camp—including Yellowstone National Park (a definite bucket list location!). This route covers an enormous 3,365 miles… so, there’s surely something for everyone to enjoy.

California State Route 1

It’s hard to think about summer without conjuring up an idealistic picture of California. Sparkling beaches, humid-free days, and good ol’ music blaring through the speakers. This route takes you along the Pacific coast, starting just north of San Diego. And if you need a break from the RV while you’re there, it might be worth considering treating yourself to a little luxury by staying at the Ramada Hotel & Conference Center by Wyndham San Diego North. Replenish and relax before hitting the road again!

From San Diego, the route takes you through Los Angeles—where you can search for stars in Long Beach, Malubu, Santa Barbara, and a list of infamous places.

In total, it’s 745 miles of road. And since it hugs the beautiful California coastline, it’s one of the best summer trips in the world!

Route 66

I’ve done a good chunk of this trip by myself, but I’d love to bring my family along Route 66. Considered by many to be the most famous road trip in the world, Route 66 stretches from Chicago to Santa Monica—2,450 miles of the scenery you’ll find in old Western movies.

Florida Keys

Of course, you can’t travel one half of the coast without the other! The US 1 from Miami  to Key West is a short 150-mile drive that takes in a variety of the keys sandwiched between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. The majority of this route is surrounded by the ocean, with the most stunning section of the route being the Seven Mile Bridge.

Monument Valley

On this route, you can visit a number of really cool places—includign Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, and Western landscapes along the Arizona/Utah border. I dream of taking the Diamond Creek Road to the bottom of the Grand Canyon… in a Jeep of course, not our camper!

Do you have any must-see road trips? Have you been on any of these adventures?

Share your stories with us—we’d love to hear them!

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