5 simple ways to boost your property value

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When it comes to home improvements, some renovations can hurt your property value while others increase it. The trouble is—it’s not always easy to predict that path.

Take some of our renovations to our 100-year-old home. Some people warned that painting our walls the brightest colors of the rainbow might not have been the best idea for reselling the house. But, we wanted to live in a place that matched our style and made us happy. And besides, we did end up selling it with the walls painted.

Luckily, there are some improvements you won’t have to roll the dice on. If you’re looking for sure-fire ways to boost your property value, take a look at these five tips.

1. Boost the curb appeal

When adding value to any property, it’s a great idea to start at the front. After all, this is what potential buyers and real estate agents will see first. And when it comes to houses, first impressions do count.

It’s essential to have a neat and tidy frontage with a well-maintained garden. The garden itself doesn’t have to be anything fancy—just make sure it isn’t overgrown or collecting debris.

It’s also a smart idea to ensure your garage doors are in good repair, and your paint isn’t chipping. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to replace a garage door with something more modern and aesthetically pleasing, and it’s not too much of a job to paint or power wash the front of a house to give it more curb appeal.

2. Update the decor

A little paint can go a LONG way.

Of course, there are some mixed feeling about décor and paint. Some experts are of the firm opinion that you should do as little as possible to the interior of the home if you plan to sell soon, because your family won’t get the full benefit of money you’ll spend.

However, well-finished interiors do sell properties, and so it’s often necessary to update the decor in your home in order to add value. This doesn’t mean you should gut the whole place and start over, but there is a happy medium.

In fact, sometimes just a coat of fresh paint on the walls and floor boards, combined with the removal of clutter, can make all the difference when you are looking to sell.

3. Convert extra space

Space is always at a premium when it comes to property. And since most homes in Oklahoma don’t have basements due to flooding issues, a location with added space can be a huge asset.

Many people choose to build an extension or even add a backyard shed. However, this isn’t always necessary. In fact, it is often entirely possible to increase the area of your home by converting a pre-existing space that isn’t in use.

For example, attic spaces work well for this sort of project. Of course, there are some things to be aware of before you start an attic conversion—like inadequate flooring or exposed insulation. If you happen to have a basement you want to convert, it’s essential to check for dampness or mold. With a basement conversion, natural light isn’t always an option, but it is possible to install solar tubes that carry light from another room.

4. Deal with the big issues

If you’re considering putting your home on the market (or even if you’re not), you have to deal with any glaring issues. After all, no one will want to pay a competitive price for a home that needs a ton of work. It could be much more financially savvy to get things like leaky roofs, cracked walls, and drafty windows sorted before you try to sell.

5. Renovate the kitchen

Lastly, a significant selling point for any home is the kitchen. In fact, kitchens in a poor state are very likely to put off potential buyers because they’re usually a complicated and time-consuming fix.

The general rule is that it’s worth renovating and updating your kitchen if it’s more than ten years old. It doesn’t have to be an expensive project, either. Check out the renovation we did in our old home. It didn’t cost much (expect lots of blood, sweat, and tears).

If you’re looking for a more high-end renovation, consider features like a boiling water tap, underfloor heating, and smart appliances.

We’re no experts in home renovation, but we’ve learned a thing or two along our journey. Share your tips with us, too!

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