From boring room to play room


It’s been a while since we did any kind of home remodeling. Between our kiddos, work, and everyday life, the time is just not there.

However, since we decided to become foster parents, we’ve welcomed a little one into our home who has been here long enough to require his own space. So, we made the decision to switch our rooms around.

What was previously Russell’s room is now the guest room. It was an exciting change to make, because we could finally decorate the guest room. Our old guest room was bland, boring, and forgetful (sorry, guests, we don’t feel the same way about you!)

We made a few adjustments to the furniture, as well. First, we changed the antique pulls on an old dresser that once belonged to my great-grandma. It’s a beloved piece, but needed a modern update to fit in with our style. A quick, inexpensive fix:

Additionally, we took apart the bed frame and gave it a new coat of paint. It used to be white, chipping, and covered in patina. Now, it’s restored with a chrome look that fits in much better:

The most exciting change came to Russell’s room. His “new room” is now where the guest room used to be. It’s a much larger room, and we decided to use it as a play room for both Russell and our bonus baby.

After moving furniture, taping, painting, assembling furniture again, and decorating… we are so in love with the final look:

It may not be the most exciting renovation we’ve ever done, but we think it may just be the most important. Our boys will have a blast playing, learning, and growing together. And, we can’t wait to watch.

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