3 simple steps to find your peace of mind

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Here’s a hard truth—stress is unavoidable. We lead busy lives with high expectations, and maintaining some sort of work-life balance can be difficult. But, keeping our wellbeing in check is important. Some of us handle stress with grace, while others (read: ME) flounder under anxiety. Thankfully, there are […]

OKC East KOA: Pictures and review

okc east koa

Now that we have Evie, our 13′ foot Scamp, we’re looking for places to take the family camping. In doing so, I’ve noticed there aren’t a whole lot of resources for honest, detailed reviews about Oklahoma camping spots for families. My goal is to fill that gap by providing details and ratings of the places […]

5 simple ways to boost your property value

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. When it comes to home improvements, some renovations can hurt your property value while others increase it. The trouble is—it’s not always easy to predict that path. Take some of our renovations to our 100-year-old home. Some people warned that painting our walls the brightest colors of the […]

DIY Tutorial: Envelope pillow cover

envelope pillow cover

When we bought our beautiful little Scamp camper, I immediately wanted to start creating pieces that would make it more “ours.” The first thing I wanted to do was cover the pillows with a fabric that better fit our style. I had a lot of fun with this project, so I wanted to share a […]

When an illness is no longer invisible

My doctor swiveled in her chair, clicking through my patient history on her computer screen. “Let’s do another heart monitor,” she finally declared, promptly scheduling the “installation” of my third monitor in two years. After taking literal sandpaper to my chest, burning the wound with an alcohol wipe, and applying the monitor, the medical assistant […]

Home care tips for families with pets

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. When we bought our first house (the 100-year-old charmer that started this  blog), we had lots of fixer upper projects. But when we moved to our 1970s house, we didn’t want to have a ton of projects. After all, part of owning a home is making sure you […]

A look inside our 13 foot Scamp travel trailer


Many of you have been eagerly awaiting a peek inside our new “toy,” so I’m excited to give you a tour! Our new (to us) Scamp is a beautiful, fiberglass dream camper! If you don’t know much about Scamps, there’s a few important things to point out. First of all, they’re super lightweight. This 13-foot […]