“One-Derful” Woodland Birthday – Part I: Decorations

It’s hard to believe Russell is a year old. Because I turn into an emotional wreck when I think about him getting “old,” I have resorted to finding ways to stay busy and keep my mind off of the fact that a full year has flown by so. darn. fast.

One way I stayed busy was by planning his 1st birthday party. We chose a woodland theme, and I went all in with the food and decorations. Thanks to the many people who helped me pull this off, I was very proud of the end result.

Yes, I know he won’t remember it. But, this was party was just as much for me and Byron as it was for him. Because we made it through a year. A tough year, no less. And we wanted to celebrate with those who helped us get there.

For those who couldn’t be there, I hope you enjoy the pictures and know you were with us in spirit.



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