New year, new focus…what’s your word for 2017?

Can you believe it’s 2017 already?! As crazy as that reality is, there’s no escaping the new year.

If you’re a resolution person, that’s great! I’ve never been able to embrace the idea, mainly because I know by the second month of my commitments, I’ve already failed. So instead, at the beginning of every new year, I choose one word to focus on all year.

That word becomes my mantra for the year, so to speak. It’s something I try to live out in all of my actions, words, and goals. Last year, that word was calm. The honest truth is that I wasn’t very good at being calm last year, but I did try, and sometimes that’s enough.

This year, I asked my husband to pick a word with me. That way, he can hold me accountable, and I can keep him on track too.

Heather: Positivity

I’m not an optimist. I never have been, and I honestly don’t think I ever will be. I’ve always been a realist who sees things as they are. If the glass is half-empty, that’s because it is. Last year, my lack of positivity really wore me down. I began to stress easily, snap at people, and complain. Now even though I’m a realist, I’ve never been truly negative. This needed to stop.

So this year’s word is positivity. I will try to be positive with all of my words, actions, hopes, and dreams. If something throws me off track, I’ll try to see it from a positive angle. Okay, yes, the deadline on that important project just got pushed up a week. But hey, now I can improve my skills when it comes to working under pressure!


Byron: Productivity

When Byron told me his focus word is “productivity,” I was initially a bit skeptical. Because, see, he’s already super productive. He hardly takes any time for himself, he’s always cleaning or taking care of the dogs, and he works hard. So, how can be more productive?

“All work and no play…” I started, before he stopped me and explained himself. It’s not about only working, he said. It’s about putting value on everything you choose to do. For example, he can still play a video game because his game helps him problem-solve and be creative. I can watch the “Celebrity Apprentice,” for example, because it helps me learn new marketing techniques. It’s all about making conscious choices, and living deliberately.


Russell: Potty Training

Not much explanation is needed here, right? He’s going to be potty trained this year. It’s his goal (he just doesn’t know it yet)!


Do you have a word you’ll focus on in 2017? Why not create one right now? Share your word with us in the comments!




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