Master bedroom remodel part 3

It’s hard to recall what our master bedroom area used to look like when we first moved in… Luckily, we have photos! It looked a little something like this in the beginning:


With its pale floral wallpaper, green & black vinyl tile flooring, and random mirror on the wall it was literally said to look more like a “giant shower” than a bedroom, but Heather and I put in a lot of hours and sweat to turn it into something more.


As you may have seen in earlier post, we had to pull in carpet and roll it out, repair hole damage in the drywall, paint, and install crown molding (which is not an easy task at all).


We also installed a hanging swag light, reused the former crown molding as base molding, and Heather’s brother installed a giant door between the bedroom and the bathroom.


We cleaned up the huge mess and added a few little decorative touches.



We still have a few small tasks left to complete, but it has completely changes and finally feels like a real bedroom instead of a construction zone. In due time we will hang some large art above the wall, finish the door frame area (it needs painting and caulk), and add a few other touches. For now, it is time to really focus in on the main living areas.


P.S. My awesome wife made the front two pillows on the bed out of free fabric!


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