Make a cool place with just a little space

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Here in Oklahoma (and surrounding Midwestern states), the cost of living is pretty low. This means, buying a house or renting an apartment typically comes with one thing major cities don’t have—space.
After all, we can rent a 3-bedroom apartment for the same price as a New Yorker might pay for a studio apartment.

But, just because we can doesn’t mean we all want to, right? With the tiny house craze in full bloom. many people look to downsize and live in a more minimalistic space. When we bought our 13′ foot Scamp camper, we knew we weren’t going to have a lot of space to work with… but we also didn’t want our style to suffer.
If you’re in a similar conundrum, here’s a look at some solutions that may help you make the most of every inch of floor space.

Keep it light

Even with a small home, you can still add a splash of color. Just save it for your soft furnishings and other decorative flourishes. Leaving your walls light and neutral means lighter colors will reflect the light coming into the room rather than absorbing it.
For added effect, consider painting or wallpapering your ceiling. This can make the space look and feel taller. If you’re not opposed to seeing your reflection at every turn, a well-placed mirror can make your space seem much bigger while also reflecting the light coming in from a nearby window.
And speaking of windows, a small space has no room for heavy drapes. Opt instead for a blind that can be rolled up on sunny days for a light and breezy atmosphere.

Get inventive with seating

Nothing eats up a limited space like a huge sofa. But, you need somewhere comfortable to read, watch TV, or play video games, right? Fortunately, there are numerous inventive and space-saving seating options at your disposal.
For example, the Fombag. Not only do these cost a fraction of what you’d typically pay for a sofa, they’re smaller, easy to move, come in a range of colors, and can seat up to three people comfortably!

Harness the power of plants

When you have a limited space, one thing you can’t afford is clutter. But, that doesn’t mean your living space can’t have personality or splashes of color. Plants are great decorative tools because, not only to they look great and help give the space a calming quality, they also help oxygenate your living space and create a feeling of serenity.

For examples on decorating with plants, check out our article.

Consider bunk beds… even for adults

If you have limited floor space with a high ceiling, a bunk bed might be the perfect way to maximize your usable space. Many adult bunk beds are built with space saving in mind, elevating the sleeping space to free up more room for seating, a desk, or other furniture. Plus, how fun would it be to sleep on a bunk bed?!
Remember – no matter the size of your space, you can still make it breathtaking.

Show us your spacious living tricks!

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