Lettering with Lindsey: OKC’s very own calligraphy workshop

As a general rule, I never turn down an opportunity to craft.

And since I’m not exactly famous for my penmanship (just ask my planner), a chance to learn fancy handwriting skills sounded like the perfect fit.

That’s where LE Calligraphy stepped in.

LE Calligraphy is owned by Lindsey, an Oklahoma native with a sweet soul and a passion for creativity.

I first met Lindsey when we were co-workers who shared a large, otherwise empty workroom. We would laugh and cry together, decorate our desks for holidays, and talk about having children someday.

Four years ago, she doodled in notebooks and made craft projects in her spare time. Now, she’s a mom with a small business and a successful series workshops around Oklahoma City.

Last weekend, I finally made it to one of those workshops.

LE Calligraphy’s workshop was the perfect introduction to the fundamentals of brush lettering, including:

  • The best pens to use
  • Which paper type works best
  • Basic strokes
  • Letters
  • Blending
  • And more

When I arrived at the workshop, I received a personalized place card, two pens, a workbook, and some sketch paper.

Lindsey demoed each technique for the class, then let us loose to try it on our own. Admittedly, my first few (read: all) attempts at creating letters were embarrassing. Where Lindsey effortlessly winded ink around the page in the blink of an eye, I struggled to make a legible straight line.

As with most things in life, I eventually gained more confidence and could even see improvements in real-time.

In all, the workshop lasted about two hours. Of course, it wasn’t enough time to turn me into a pro, but it was certainly enough to encourage me to keep practicing and embrace my creativity.

If you’re looking for something fun and unique to do around Oklahoma City, check out Lindsey’s workshops. She has a pumpkin lettering workshop coming soon… as in, FALL IS ALMOST HERE… that I really don’t want to miss.

NOTE: If there’s a Michael’s near you, they have a sale on Tombow 10-piece marker sets through Sunday, Aug. 26. You might call ahead first though… I went the day the sale started and they were sold out.

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