The escape room game you can play from your own home

Disclaimer: I received the first box in this subscription for free. However, all opinions are genuine.

Confession: I’m a true crime addict.

I spend my Friday nights watching Dateline. My car rides are filled with the sweet sounds of crime podcasts. And just yesterday, the Netflix app sent the following alert: “New find for Heather: Nurses Who Kill.”

You might say I have a problem. But, I just believe I missed my calling as a detective. Which makes escape room games and murder mystery parties the most thrilling experiences ever. 

So when I heard about a new detective game you can play from the comfort of your own home, I had to check it out.

Have you heard of Hunt a Killer?

It’s a subscription box (like Ipsy or Sephora Play… except instead of cosmetics, you get creepy clues). It starts when a box appears at your door:

hunt a killer

From there, you slowly unravel the clues. In this case, you’re on the receiving end of letters from a penpal who automatically seems pretty sketchy. An envelope with clues is included in the box, as well as notebook for note-taking.

It’s up to you to unravel and research – my favorite things to do – before the next box comes.

According to the company:

Filled with clues, codes and ciphers, each curated box spins dark tales tasking members to transport into the mind of a homicide investigator and catch a serial killer.

With the help of thousands of players around the world, forums are available to share clues, theories, and work with fellow armchair detectives.

For $30/month (with savings offered on pre-payment), you can experience a truly intriuging game. I plan on purchasing more boxes because I can’t let this mystery beat me. I have to figure it out! I must win! And, I know some of you can relate.

For more information, check out this video and visit

Are you a member? Let’s share our theories!

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