Home care tips for families with pets

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When we bought our first house (the 100-year-old charmer that started this  blog), we had lots of fixer upper projects. But when we moved to our 1970s house, we didn’t want to have a ton of projects. After all, part of owning a home is making sure you take good care of it. 

When it comes to things that could damage a home, one of the most common is a pet. We’re a pet family, so trust me, having a family pet is fantastic and your kids will certainly love it. But, you can’t deny they do come with baggage—like shedding, odor, and furniture stains.

If you want to help avoid these issues, here are some home care tips for families with pets:

Stop Pets From Ruining Furniture

Dogs and cats—ok, especially cats—love to scratch things. If you have have lots of nice furniture in your home, this could prove problematic. A friend of mine had a cute little kitten that ripped the side of their sofa to shreds!

The best thing you can do is give your pets other things to scratch. Providing a scratching post or mat may help them away from your sofa. Alternatively, you may have to create some barriers to where your pets are allowed to live. No dogs in the fancy dining room with all the fine china, for instance! 

Avoid the Classic “Pet Smell”

Another thing your pet will bring to your home is that classic pet smell. You know the one…

After all, your pet is an animal, and animals don’t smell the same as humans! When they lie on your furniture all day long, they eventually get their scent everywhere. This can make your home smell pretty funky, which is less than appealing. Thankfully, as you can see on www.aromatechscent.com, there are things called diffusers that can help cover up these smells.

An air diffuser uses essential oils that smell of fresh things (like lavender, my personal favorite!) and releases vapor into the air. This blocks out all the bad odors and keeps your home feeling fresh!

Make Sure Your Pets Are Housetrained

One of the worst things you can experience with a pet is them going to the bathroom all over your home. Especially if you’re also trying to potty train your toddler… not that I know this from experience or anything.

To avoid this, make sure your pets are trained to not go to the toilet everywhere. Generally speaking, they should just learn about this naturally. But, you can improve things by, for example, hanging a bell on the back door. When you take your dog outside, ring the bell each time. Eventually, they should catch on and ring the bell when they need to go out.

Additionally, there’s some good advice over on healthypets.mercola.com that tells you how to train puppies to not do their business inside. 

A pet can be an excellent addition to your family. But, you need to make sure you’re aware of the problems they can cause in your home before it happens!

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