Hangin’ out

This weekend we decided to spend as much time indoors as possible to avoid the heat (over 100 degrees!). We used our time to clean up and organize the closet, which was much needed. We were so eager to start the project we forgot to take an accurate “before” picture, but believe me when I say it was pretty bad. Heather said it was probably the number one cause of her stress; there was a stack of clothes in the bathroom, a little more on the closet floor, and clothes half hanging on hangers. Heather did her best to keep it organized, but we didn’t have enough hangers and the ones that we did have weren’t doing their best at holding clothes. Not to mention, the closet isn’t the largest so it’s hard to fit everything in there.

We started by pulling everything out of the closet to sort by clothing style on the bed. Pandora joined us, and assisted with good dance tunes.


Here’s sort of a before picture of the situation, but we had cleared a lot of clothes already. Things on the floor, and the clothes were a bit of a jumbled mess.


I mean, it was so bad I was thoroughly excited to take a picture of the closet floor which had not been seen for some time. Good thing the storm season has been pretty quiet this year, or we wouldn’t have had anywhere to sit in the closet (if it came to that).


And here’s the result of our hard work. All of the clothes neatly organized. We used space-saving hangers for Heather’s skirts and sweaters, and also got a shoe rack to help out.




Next up, we’ll be doing some work to the front yard and hopefully some kitchen work soon.


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