Halfway there and the story of a rug

We are 20 weeks along, which means it’s officially the halfway point in our journey to meeting this little baby! It’s been an exciting journey so far, complete with all sorts of emotional rollercoaster rides. In case you haven’t heard, we are having a little boy!


Once we found out the gender, we immediately started planning his nursery. We’re going for an adventure/trains, planes, and automobiles theme. We’ll have vintage toy cars and planes, some old cub scouting and adventure books, and best of all… a one-of-a-kind rug.

The story of that rug is exactly what I want to share. We recently visited a town called Duncan for a couple’s Christmas getaway. While there, we stopped at a few antique stores and had a great time looking for treasures. One of those treasures was the cutest rug we’d ever seen! We fell in love with it, as it was perfect for a child’s room, but we decided it was only fit for a boy’s room. Unsure what we were having at the time, we decided we’d make the trip back to Duncan if we found out we were having a boy.

Well sure enough, he’s a he! So, Byron called the Duncan antique store to ask if they still had the rug. To our disappointment, Byron was told they had closed shop on December 31. This would be a good time for someone to give up, but thankfully I’m married to a man who is both a detective and determined. He inquired as to whether or not the shop owner knew where the items went after they closed. She said they had been distributed all over. On a whim, Byron asked about the rug… and thankfully, the kind woman remembered where it went! She told him it was at a thrift store in Comanche, OK.

Byron called the thrift store to discover they hadn’t yet gone through the donated items and weren’t sure if they had the rug. About a week and several phone calls later, the rug was located! We hopped in the car and made the two-hour journey to Commanche to pick up the rug from a lovely lady who runs a wonderful establishment in the small southern Oklahoma town.



As happy as we were to finally have the rug in our hands, we were also delighted that we were able to support a great cause, the Stephens County Humane Society. If you’re ever in Commanche – I know, long shot – stop by the store and pay your respects to a wonderful woman and her great cause.

So, here it is… the rug!



On the way back, we stopped by a casino that just looked too cute not to visit. Designed to look like an old Western town, it was right up my alley. Of course, we won nothing more than a fun time and some free Root Beer.


We had a great trip and were even able to eat dinner at an Italian restaurant that used to be in my hometown before the place closed. An old favorite, it was nice to eat there and enjoy delicious garlic bread!

Now, we’re eager to get started on the nursery! In the meantime, here’s an update on everything going on in the world of our little boy!


How Far Along: 20 weeks
Feeling: Tired, tired, tired. Not to mention, extreme heartburn! My back hurts from time to time and I’m certainly moody, but otherwise feeling great!
Latest Check-Up: Doctor said my blood pressure is “beautiful,” the baby’s 20-week anatomy scan was great, his heartbeat is strong, and he’s measuring perfectly to where he should be.
Excited About: My parents visited recently and brought with them some darling little boy clothes! I’m loving all the outfits and can’t wait to see them on him!
Struggling With: Having to break the news to the poor baby that he won’t be qualified to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics. He practices his routine every day, and he’s nearly perfected it! I feel him kicking, somersaulting, and twisting away all the time, which makes me so happy.
Name?: Yes, we have a name. But, we’re just not sure when we’re announcing it yet. Stay tuned!



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