Getting some green on our thumbs

Both our front yard (what little there is of it) and back yard had been looking a little rough, so when some cooler summer weather came our way Heather & I decided to get some hard work done. We tackled the rest of the front yard (previously having done the patch around the pear tree), and a small portion in the back yard. There’s still a ton of work to be done in the back, but the results we achieved are enough motivation to gear up and complete the back.

So here were the two attack zones:



We started in the back by giving the ground a good spray with weed killer. This won’t completely prevent weeds from growing again, but it will help for a while.


Then we picked up some bags o’ mulch and spread the mulch over the ground. The area we picked had pre-made edges from the concrete, so there was no need to add garden edging.


And here’s the final before & after:


Afterward we made our way to the front. The area near the street had become pretty overgrown with weeds, but we sprayed the area a few days prior to let everything dry up.


A few days of rain had made the ground moist & soft. I took a shovel and easily dug up the ground. Heather & I then used rakes to till up the ground and dig up as much of the dead weed as we could. We spread the dirt evenly and stomped it down.


Then we dug a decently sized hole for three little plants we picked out. We filled the hole with a trash bag (poked with holes) to aid in the prevention of weeds. Setting the plants in the hole, we filled the hole with new weed-free dirt that should help the plants grow a bit better.


After that, we dropped some bags of rocks evenly across the area, cut them open, and dumped them. Using our hands, we spread the rocks out evenly to match the area we had already done.


It’s a small change, but we think it looks pretty good!



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