My favorite things… stocking stuffer edition!

Can you even believe we’re talking about Christmas already? If you’re like me and refuse to accept that Christmas is coming until AFTER Thanksgiving, it’s time to start preparing for that reality because Thanksgiving is only a week away, folks.

Last year, my holiday season flew by. Between moving houses and having a six-month-old, I didn’t even get to decorate our house! So, this year, I’m getting a mental head start on everything Christmas. To do so, I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite things! *Cue Oprah’s music*

First up, I want to share with you a few items that would make pretty awesome stocking stuffers for people of all ages.


It’s no surprise (get it?) that I love stuffed animals. I’m a plush junkie, ya’ll. And as such, my son’s room is filled with animals of all varieties and I’m not ashamed to admit that a few stuffed friends live next to my bed too.

Anyone who knows me also knows I’m pretty much obsessed with grab bags. I’m the person who waits by her mailbox for the monthly Ipsy surprises. And I can’t resist the $5 mystery bags of old CDs at the record store. I mean, I’ve gained some seriously sweet hip hop jams from those bags. Worth every penny.

So when I came across Surprizamals, I flipped out. Stuffed animals… check. In mystery packaging… double check.

The cool thing about these Surprizamals is their size. They’re just small enough to stick in a stocking, and at around $5 a piece, they make an affordable gift for your child’s friends, classmates, cousins, teacher, buss driver, you name it.


And they’re super cute, too. I ended up with Tammy and Skip. Now, if only I can get my hands on the “Softies” series, I’ll be complete. Take my money, Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company!

Pilot FriXion Erasable Pen
I’m a pen addict. There are pens everywhere in my house, and if I reached into the bottomless abyss of my purse, I’m sure I’d end up with at least two pens (lint, gum, and a couple nickels). As a pen addict, I’m very familiar with the multitude of pen options out there. Gel, marker, ball, fine point… erasable? I distinctly remember using some so-called “erasable pens” when I was in school and, friends, they were everything but erasable. So when I came across the erasable pens from Pilot, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical.

But holey moley, you really can erase the ink from these pens! Pilot wants you to “write fearlessly,” and with these pens, you certainly can.


At around $10 for a seven-pack, the writer/planner in your life will fall in love with the FriXion clicker pen. Not to mention, they make a great stocking stuffer for your kids who need a bit more incentive to finish their homework. They’d also make a great teacher gift. I can totally see my younger self sliding one of these bad boys wrapped in a bow across the table to my teacher and coyly explaining, “If you feel like erasing that grade I got, I won’t tell anyone.”

I plan to keep sharing with you some of my favorite things as we approach Christmas. If you’re like me, it’s never too early to start shopping. And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, this is absolutely without a doubt the most wonderful time of the year.

LE Calligraphy
The owner of LE Calligraphy is a dear friend of mine, and I’m constantly blown away by her talent. Her custom designs, from cards to invites to wall art, are so beautiful! Just take a look at this:

A little late night embossing session. ❤️

A photo posted by Lindsey Eidson (@le_calligraphy) on

They’d made great stocking stuffers for the teenager in your life who could use an inspiring quote for their locker, for your sweet friend who needs a reminder of how beautiful she is, or for your child’s teacher to decorate the classroom. The options are endless! And if you’re in Oklahoma City, don’t miss her calligraphy workshops. Talk about a great gift!

What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers? Don’t keep it to yourself! Share the love in the comments below.

* Disclaimer: I received some of these products to review, but the opinions are mine. I stand by every product I endorse, and you’ll never find a dishonest recommendation on this site.




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