My favorite things… gifts for her!

Continuing the “My Favorite Things” series, I want to share with you some products I think are perfect gifts for the lady (or ladies) in your life.

Lip Stick
There’s no such as thing as too much lipstick, right? I have tubes of the stuff from every brand, in every color, and with every finish possible. I can’t get enough. But, the bad thing about my collection of lipsticks is that I’m always, always, always, reapplying it. Not any more!


I remember the first time I wore Maybelline’s 24 Super Stay lip color, I drank from a straw and was surprised when I didn’t see red residue left behind. I turned to my husband and asked if I still had lipstick on. The answer was yes. In fact, 12 hours later, it was still yes.

Now, when I put on Maybelline’s lip color, he asks, “Is that the stuff that will stay on until next Friday?”

With so many colors to choose from, they’re a great gift for lipstick junkies. Through food, drinks, and sleep, the color stays.

Creations by Tandra
When it comes to gifting, you can’t go wrong with jewelry. But, why not step up your gifting game by providing something one-of-a-kind for the lady in your life?


That’s where Tandra comes in. She’s a very talented artist who uses polymer clay to create stunning designs, from necklaces to ornaments and figurines. Her work is truly stunning, and every piece is unique.

Take a look at some of her work:


I promise you can’t go wrong with anything Tandra makes!

Makeup Remover
Mary Kay has been around for a long time, so they must be doing something right. And when it comes to their eye makeup remover, they certainly are! This product is my go-to remover, as it effortlessly removes makeup without leaving residue. The first time I used it, I truly thought it was magic. I’ve tried other brands, but nothing compares to Mary Kay’s.



If you don’t have a consultant yet, click on the link above to buy from my friend. She can help you pick the best products for you, even if you’re not in the market for a magical makeup remover.

Ladies, what are some of your favorite gifts? Don’t keep it to yourself! Share the love in the comments below.

* Disclaimer: I received none of these products in exchange for a review. I stand by every product I endorse, and you’ll never find a dishonest recommendation on this site.




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