DIY: Geometric toddler art

It’s no secret that I love to craft. Paint, sew, sculpt, bead…you name it. I mean, honestly, firing up the hot glue gun is an ideal Friday night activity for me. So naturally, I’m always looking for DIY art projects I can do with my toddler. We’ve been there and done that on basically every hand/foot print art out there, and his fingers and toes have been covered in every color of the stamp pad rainbow.

But with all of those projects, I dictated where he put his hands and feet. I picked out the perfect colors and carefully placed his painted hands on the paper exactly where I wanted them to go. So I figured, why not let him take the reigns? There’s no better way to get him interested in crafting than to let him do the dirty work (literally) himself, right?

Which leads me to this DIY art project. If you’re not afraid of getting messy, try out this geometric toddler art. Every piece you make will be different, guaranteed!

You’ll need:


Washable children’s paint
Canvas (I used four small squares, but anything goes)
Dropcloth, if needed, for the floor

Start by taping off your canvas(es). There are no rules here, so just apply the tape however you wish. Remember, wherever the tape touches, there will be no paint.


Now, it’s time to get messy! Let your little one channel the great painters of the past as he uses his hands to cover the canvas. Embrace the disaster – it’s all part of the art process!






Next, let the works of art dry and enjoy bath time!


After the paint has dried, remove the tape to reveal the most beautiful art you’ve ever seen. Now, you have a custom, one-of-a-kind piece (or pieces) to display or gift as you see fit.


Happy crafting! Be sure to share your projects in the comments!




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