10 creative ways to decorate with plants

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Bringing nature inside your home, office, or communal space can transform a previously lifeless environment into a calm—energized—haven.

There are so many creative ways to decorate with plants!

They can make your home or workspace flow, or make a statement. It’s time to move on from flowers in a vase to something more authentic to your space—maybe a hanging plant or even a living wall?

If a plant hanger sounds intriguing, here’s a very simple step by step DIY project for creating a three-tiered plant hanger:

Now, take a look below at some more exciting interior uses of plants—some are simpler than others, but all can be effective.

Use a Shelf or Stacking Prop

Stacking plants on whatever props you already have is a fantastic way to make the most of that area in your room. You can even do this on your balcony, on a bench indoors, on your stairs, or on an unloved toy cart!

decorate with plants

Potted Delights

Why not make the most of your interior plants by styling out the pots they come in? Geometric pots are very fashionable right now, and lining plant pots along your windowsill will never go out of style. Frame your view with different-colored potted plants, or go minimalist with all white.

decorate with plants

Cluster Them

What better way to make a statement than by clustering your plants? It creates a truly natural corner of a room, and you will notice how people will feel drawn to that area. Plus, if there are blank or empty spaces in your home or office, you can add different layers of plants to create a plant sanctuary. Mix it up with colors, textures, and lengths.

decorate with plants

(via The Lush Forest)

Plants in Prisms

Again with the geometric trend, try potting your plants in glass prisms. Not only will this accentuate the organic element of nature by displaying visible soil, it will also add an edge to your display. Free-form plants are rarely associated with sharp, clear-cut lines and edges, so the dynamic contrast could prove very interesting.

decorate with plants

Living Sculptures

Large plants can complement even the most minimalist of spaces, and serve as art themselves. Usually, people opt for one large plant in a stand-alone pot to create shadows in a room or bring a new dynamic to the energy of the house or office.

decorate with plants

Hanging Sculptures

Essentially, plants are modern, organic mobiles in your home—filling dead air space with all their colorful and life-affirming glory. More and more people are investing in macramé sculptures in which to hang their plants, or even woven rope. Depending on what sort of vibe you go for, there will be a matching hanging style you can adopt.

decorate with plants

Make It a Succulent

Succulents are amazing. You can do just about anything with them, from making mini succulent gardens to using them as accessories for other home features. And, they thrive on comparatively little attention.

decorate with plants

Books and plants go well together, so why not make your own succulent bookends? They are easy to assemble and will look so good in your mini library!

Living Walls

Yes, these are usually outdoors, but if you have the space and time to care for a living wall, start one up! You will need to build a structure to start with, so naturally, it helps if you’re handy at woodwork or DIY in general.

decorate with plants

Wall Art

Aside from paintings or framed photos, walls are typically neglected. Wouldn’t you prefer to see a beautiful plant on your wall instead? We often forget about truly expressing ourselves and can get caught up in which painting would be impressive enough to feature, or which photo we look best in. But, plants are natural, beautiful, and just as unique as photos.

decorate with plants


While not the most obviously exciting feature, water-based plants with roots on display are perfectly simple. Yet, they’re modern enough to bring a welcoming statement to any room.

decorate with plants

Interior uses of plants has been around for millennia and will continue for years to come. Plants bring so much life and vitality to any indoor space. Consider upgrading your home or office with the ideas above!

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