Couple’s Christmas

Heather & I used a bit of bonus Christmas money to take our own little Christmas mini-vacation together. It being our last Christmas as a couple, we decided it would be a good opportunity to take some time to ourselves. We stayed at a little B&B in a small town called Duncan which was an hour and a half drive from the big city.

The place was called The Lindley House, and it was fantastic. We wrote in our reservation memo that we would be celebrating Christmas together as a couple before visiting family, and when we arrived there was a Christmas tree, Christmas music playing, and some other little Christmas surprises (like snowmen mugs!). We recommend this place to any of our Oklahoma friends as a nice get away, and we are thinking of going back for our next anniversary (or an upcoming one some day).

Aaaaaaaand here’s some pictures!


Our "Honeymoon" Cottage.
Our “Honeymoon” Cottage.
Tree included!
Tree included!

uschristmas_04 uschristmas_05 uschristmas_06

Double-sided fireplace!
Double-sided fireplace!
We had dinner-to-go...
We had dinner-to-go…
And breakfast delivered!
And breakfast delivered!

uschristmas_10 uschristmas_11 uschristmas_12 uschristmas_13


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