What secret is your water hiding? {Giveaway}

* I received this product at no cost, but all opinions are my own.

In our old house – the one that was more than 100 years old – we drank water straight from the faucet. We didn’t have a fancy refrigerator, and with the amount of water we consume, we certainly didn’t want to take out  second mortgage to buy bottled water. I never thought twice about drinking tap water until we had our son and needed water for his formula.

We moved right around that time, and now we have a new fridge with convenient water access. But, when I realized we still use tap water for a lot of things, I began to wonder how clean it is.

I mean, we use tap water to wash my son’s bottles and cups. We fill our dogs’ bowls with water straight from the faucet. We cook with it. We clean with it. We bathe in it. It’d be horrendous to find out it’s actually full of pesticides, bacteria, or other harmful substances, right?

Thankfully, I recently got my hands on the Water Testing Kit from Test Assured.


Using the kit was honestly really fun. It may sound nerdy, but I felt like a scientist! There’s a bacteria test, a lead test, an iron test, a nitrate test… you get the idea. The directions are pretty easy to follow, and (with the exception of one test) you get the results in seconds.



I was actually really surprised by the test results. Most of our results were ready immediately, which was really exciting to watch, and the bacteria test was finished after 48 hours. What I discovered was that our water only has one real issue – hardness. Everything else is fine.


So, now I know that – aside from the hardness, which is typical for my region – my water is healthy. We can wash dishes, fill dog bowls, and shower without worry.

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How often do you use tap water? If you really think about it, you'll realize it's a lot. So, wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what's in your water? Now you can with this water testing kit!
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