With every Christmas card I write {+ Christmas cocktail recipe}

I don’t know about you, but I just find something so special about receiving mail. When I was little, I loved running out to the mailbox and checking for surprises. More often than not, the only things delivered were bills and advertisements. Still, I lived for the possibility that a handwritten note would be mixed within.

christmas cocktail

That’s one of the reason I love Christmas so much. Almost every day of the holiday season, there’s a card from someone waiting for me in the mailbox. It makes me feel like a child again! I just love seeing pictures of friends and family. When the season is over and I wait for next Christmas, I remember to pray for those friends and family whose cards made me so happy.

Sending Christmas cards is a tradition in our family. If snail mail ever ceased to exist, I know we’d find a way to get our old-fashioned cards to those we love.

This is my sixth Christmas with my husband, and I’ve dragged him into many Christmas card sessions. We’ve almost always made our own cards (crafts = life), but now that things are so busy, photo cards are the alternative. It’s my hope that when my son is older, he’ll join us for the tradition. And hopefully we’ll make our own again, with his help!

christmas cocktail

As we stuffed envelopes with cards and letters last night, we enjoyed Christmas music, cookies, and a special “adult” beverage. I’m sure you’re familiar with the song: “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, with every Christmas card I write.” Well, it’s only fitting that this drink be called “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas Cocktail”:

christmas cocktail

Addressing our cards makes me realize how blessed we are to know so many wonderful people. It takes a village, you’ll recall, and mine certainly is the best.

Stay tuned to the blog for pictures of our Christmas decorations. You’ll finally get a look at our 70s home (a year after we moved in)!

Do you send Christmas cards? Are they store-bought or do you make your own? Is a letter included? Tell me everything!




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