25 cheesy holiday movies: the advent calendar you need this year

Folks, I know I’m not the only one who enjoys a good ol’ made-for-tv movie. The only thing better is if the movie happens to be a holiday one, am I right? You know the kind. Cheesy Christmas movies. There’s bad acting, plot holes for days, sappy writing, and OF COURSE singing.

So now that the Christmas season has officially begun, I want to share a special list of my all-time favorite cheesy Christmas movies. Please enjoy our “Cheesy Christmas Movies Advent Calendar.”

(Movies marked with a * are ones that are currently, to the best of my knowledge, streaming on Netflix).


  1. An Evergreen Christmas *
    Evie is forced to return to her small home town, leaving musical fame behind, and tend to her family’s Christmas tree ranch. Folks, this movie took first place on the list as of yesterday, because it has everything. Freeze frames, terrible fades, over-produced singing, and so much more. There’s even an obvious ethnicity mix-up. Just watch this, and you’ll understand.
  2. Coming Home for Christmas
    Two estranged sisters reunite in hopes of having Christmas together in their old home. This used to be#1 on my list, and it still holds a special place in my heart. There is singing, cheesy acting, and so many plot holes. It’s truly a gift.
  3. Holiday In Handcuffs
    A waitress faces pressure to bring home a man for the holidays, so she kidnaps one. Yes, you read that right. In case you needed more reason to watch this, it stars Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and Mario Lopez. Plus, there’s a really cheesy ice skating scene.
  4. Christmas Crush
    Alternately titled, “Holiday High School Reunion”, it’s the story of Georgia and her attempt to win back her high school crush at their reunion. Does the alternate title not speak to you enough? It just calls it like it is, and so does the entire movie. It’s so cheesy, I can’t wait to watch it again.
  5. Christmas Bounty
    A former bounty hunter is determined to have a normal life, but all of that changes when she returns home for Christmas. Seriously, one of the top choices for corny Christmas movies. It’s very, very hard to beat.
  6. Santa Claws *
    What happens when Santa is allergic to cats, but some kittens end up in his Christmas bag? If you enjoy absolutely ridiculous writing, acting, and production (and talking kittens), this is for you.
  7. A Christmas Kiss *
    A designer ends up falling for her boss’ boyfriend after a secret elevator kiss. This is absolutely one of my favorites. There’s enough cheese to last you all season.
  8. A Country Christmas
    After Santa loses his magical power, a family must save Christmas while Santa hides in their barn. This one stars country singer Trace Adkins, and I kind of feel like that speaks for itself.
  9. Christmas Ranch *
    Rebellious Lizzy is sent to her grandmother’s for Christmas, where she falls in love with a pony and sets her sight on saving the ranch from foreclosure. This movie is just too much. I cried at the end, and not because it was sad. I just couldn’t stop laughing.
  10. Christmas Cupid
    When a corporate woman’s assistant unexpectedly dies, she is haunted by the girl’s ghost… who keeps trying to set her up with a holiday date. I seriously can’t sell it any more than that. So, I won’t.
  11. The Mistle-Tones
    A talented singer’s musical group aims to take on its rivals during a Christmas Eve competition. It stars one of the “Sister Sister” sisters, and is just so absolutely brilliant. A cheesy Christmas movie without music is nothing.
  12. 12 Dates of Christmas *
    Kate relives a blind date on Christmas Eve over and over and over again. If you like “Groundhog Day” stories, you can’t beat this. Not to mention, it stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris, folks).
  13. The Christmas Bunny *
    When a foster child enters the lives of a small family, the only thing that can get her to talk is a bunny. I had a serious cry with this movie, and this time, it really was because of sadness. It’s a good one, ya’ll. And it stars Florence Henderson, so it’s a great time to remember her career.
  14. Snowglobe
    Wanting a perfect Christmas, Angela is transformed into the world of her snowglobe. Seriously, this plot couldn’t be better. It truly sells itself.
  15. A Christmas Star *
    Noelle believes she can perform miracles, and she’s determined to prove it to her friends. I don’t feel like I have to say much more about this movie than the fact that it is Irish. I spoke in an Irish accent for weeks after watching it.
  16. Desperately Seeking Santa
    A young executive at a failing mall hosts a search for Santa, and falls in love instead. Seriously, these recommendations write themselves. I honestly don’t know how anyone would turn this viewing opportunity down.
  17. Holidaze
    A workaholic from the corporate world is shifted into an alternate universe where she’s married to her high school sweetheart. This one stars Jennie Garth, and it’s as amazing as anything else you can watch this holiday season.
  18. 12 Dogs of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue
    Emma races the clock to put together a musical to save the town’s puppy orphanage. I couldn’t make this up. Seriously. There are dozens of dogs, and dozens of songs. I dare you not to enjoy this.
  19. Switchmas
    A Jewish boy who’s obsessed with Christmas switches places with a boy on his way to snowy Washington. If that isn’t enough to spark your interest, rest assured that there’s a musical in this one too, guys.
  20. Small Town Santa *
    When a sheriff arrests Santa, he also meets the love of his life. What more can you ask for? Dean Cain? Fine, have Superman too. He’s in this one. Oh, and so is a stuffed dog the director tried to play off as real.
  21. Crazy for Christmas
    Shannon is stuck driving around with her wealthy (yet a bit crazy) client, secretly hoping she’ll be the benefactor of his large estate. This one is an older movie (2005), but as with most cheese, it’s all the better for its age.
  22. Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas *
    Based on a series of books, this mystery involves a school’s forbidden attic. And, so. much. more. There’s even a character who climbs trees and has like a two-second cameo for no reason.
  23. Pete’s Christmas *
    Christmas Day keeps repeating, so this kid decides to give his family’s holiday a makeover. Another “Groundhog Day” story, but featuring cheesy acting and all the feels.
  24. A Christmas Puppy
    A cynical teenager is visited by a magical Christmas gift. Okay, so that’s all the synopsis is, but take my word for it… this one is a treat. It has virtually nothing to do with a puppy, which I think the makers realized because it’s now alternatively called “Christmas Spirit.” Either way, ya’ll. Either way.
  25. Christmas on Salvation Street *
    After moving to the area, a family struggles with the challenges of life in a new community. Basically, a pastor must adjust to crime and poverty, providing his new neighborhood with hope and joy. I honestly don’t remember much about this one, but I know it was good because the cover makes me smile. That’s always a good sign.

What cheesy Christmas movies would you add to this list? Don’t keep those gems to yourself! Gift us in the comments below!




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