Put on your mask first

I really don’t like flying. There’s the chaos of getting through the airport, the security process, delays, cancellations, airport-provided hotels that smell like smoke and mold, shuttles, and ear pops. Worst of all, the landing. That screeching, bumpy halt gets me every single time. I just don’t like any of it. Still, previous jobs and […]

I don’t always put my clothes away

There’s a pile of clean laundry on my bedroom floor. Weeks ago, my husband neatly folded each piece and stacked it next to the bed. It was his attempt at inspiring me to hang them up. Bless his sweet little heart. There’s something you should know about my husband: he’s a neat freak. And I’m… […]

Hey, Mom…I’m Sorry

Concrete stairs separate the two levels of our home. My very active toddler has always been good at navigating them, and (knock on wood) we haven’t had any accidents. But, still. They’re concrete. And so, there are rules. He was perched on the middle step, which he knows he shouldn’t do. “You need to go […]

I let my son see me cry

As women, we are often told to be strong. As mothers, we usually don’t have a choice. It’s no secret that motherhood is difficult. It’s painful, it’s scary, and it’s just plain hard. So, we are strong. But ladies, we’re emotional too. I can’t count the number of times I’ve cried this week. And I’m not […]

The 3 words I never want my son to hear

The little boy at the table next to me cried. His plate of scrambled eggs untouched in front of him, his soccer jersey freshly washed, his teammates sprinkled at tables nearby. They laughed and cheered and encouraged each other as they prepared for their championship game. But, that little boy cried. I was eating breakfast […]

The morning I missed out

It was a beautiful fall morning. Leaves all around, a cool breeze, birds chirping. I should’ve been enjoying it. I should’ve been completely involved with the scene playing out before me, but the truth is… I wasn’t. My husband worked over the weekend, which left me alone with my toddler and a lot of time to […]

On raising a sponge

We were playing in his bright yellow room, his toys strewn across the floor, when my son reached for my cell phone. He held the pink object to his ear and—in his soft, high-pitched voice—said: “Heyyo.” Surprised, I pretended to have a conversation with him. As soon as I said “Buh-Bye,” he imaginatively hung up […]