DIY Tutorial: Envelope pillow cover

envelope pillow cover

When we bought our beautiful little Scamp camper, I immediately wanted to start creating pieces that would make it more “ours.” The first thing I wanted to do was cover the pillows with a fabric that better fit our style. I had a lot of fun with this project, so I wanted to share a […]

10 creative ways to decorate with plants

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Bringing nature inside your home, office, or communal space can transform a previously lifeless environment into a calm—energized—haven. There are so many creative ways to decorate with plants! They can make your home or workspace flow, or make a statement. It’s time to move on from flowers in […]

Make It By Hand: Paper Crafting Book Giveaway

paper crafting

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, this product is, indeed, the bee’s knees. Where my crafters at? Say, “heyyyy…heyyy.” If you’re like me, you find explicit joy in crafting (and 90s pop). It doesn’t matter what the project is, you know how to get jiggy with it. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce […]