Break out your pumpkins, pumpkin

Fall. Is. Here.

Did you hear that?! Fall is here!

It’s my favorite time of year—well, winter is, technically, but to be honest, from now until Jan. 2 is all just one amazing season for me. I’ve been counting down to today, the first day of fall, so I could officially decorate. It’s our first fall season in our home, and the clean slate is pretty awesome to work with.

While I’ve been excitedly crafting up some autumnal beauty, it seems Oklahoma has missed the memo that fall is here. Do you think that’s possible? Because friends, it’s hot outside.


You’re pretty neat and all, Oklahoma, but it’s FALL. We want our hot chocolate. We want our pumpkins. We want our campfires, scarves, and ankle boots. I demand to wear my favorite fall sweater—the one that’s been patiently hanging on the coat hook in our hallway just waiting for this confusion to be over.

While I wait for the weather to match the mood, here’s a look at some of our fall decorations. What’s your favorite thing about this season?




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