Behind True Crime and other podcasts you should be listening to right now

It’s raining. The occasional boom of thunder jolts me from my seat. I hold tightly to a cup of spicy cappuccino as the sweet sounds of a creepy podcast fill my headphones. Dateline starts in a few hours.

For a true crime addict, this is the life.

I’m fully aware that if anyone ever found my podcast playlist, or perused my browsing history, I would look like a lunatic with very suspicious media consumption habits.

But, I know I’m not alone. I see you out there, nodding your head in agreement.

And so, this one’s for you.

I’m about to share some of my favorite true crime podcasts. AND an exclusive interview with the mysterious host of one of them.

Let’s get started.

true crime podcasts

Now, let’s talk about “Behind True Crime.”

If you read my review of Hunt a Killer, you may already know about “Behind True Crime.” Hosted by the ever-mysterious C.W.S., “BTC” is Hunt a Killer’s brand new podcast featuring unscripted conversations with professionals of the true crime, murder mystery, and thriller universes. We’re talking about interviews with well-known podcasters, detectives, actors, and researchers—to name a few.

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with C.W.S. She’s a poet and true crime blogger with a long lineage of true crime fandom. In fact, according to C.W.S.:

“True crime, as well as a general interest in the darker aspects of life, has been passed down through the generations in my family. When I was in the womb, my mother exclusively watched horror movies. I was born a curious kid, easily obsessed. I watched America’s Most Wanted and Unsolved Mysteries constantly.”

After a childhood experience proved how easily crime stories can be twisted and misreported, C.W.S. realized that the true crime genre offers a unique chance to fight a justice system that—no matter how hard it tries—isn’t always right.

“It is the way we can shed light on broken systems and broken personalities,” she said. “True crime gets the public to care about individuals.”

behind true crime

With her new podcast, C.W.S. hopes to present guests with an opportunity to share their experiences as well as reveal how they balance work and morals in a genre that is often misunderstood.

If you’re a serial podcaster (like myself),  you don’t want to miss “Behind True Crime.” And if you’re more of a watcher than a listener, C.W.S. shared a few of her favorite cinematography crime stories, too.

“If I’m being totally honest, I loved Pretty Little Liars from day one all the way to the very end,” she said. “It was a hard ride to stay on, but here we are.” (SO MUCH YES, C.W.S. SO MUCH YES)

Additionally, she recommends:

  • Paradise Lost
  • Twin Peaks
  • Search Party
  • Big Little Lies
  • The Secret History (novel) by Donna Tartt

And for those of you Watsons out there wondering if you’ve finally found your Sherlock, C.W.S. might just fit the bill.

“I need some reigning in sometimes. I’m eccentric and excitable, for sure. It takes all kinds.”

“Behind True Crime” releases new episodes every other week, and you can find them on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Thanks to C.W.S. for talking with us about her new show! We can’t wait for more episodes (and the chance to be on one… hint, hint.)

What are your favorite true crime podcasts?

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