3 easy ways to create a cozy autumn ambiance in your home

autumn ambiance

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Fall is almost here. In fact, it’s this week! If you’re like me, it’s your favorite time of year…

Pumpkins, candles, sweaters, leaves. Aaaaahhhh.

To really make the most of it, it’s essential to bring the season into all areas of your life. After all, your mood, your home, your activities—they’re all influenced by the weather. Not only does a new season mean a switch in your wardrobe, it’s also a shift in how you spend your time at home. Instead of playing in the park or running through a splash pad, it’s time to enjoy woodland walks and cozy movie nights with hot chocolate and heated blankets.

So, why not make some in-home adjustments to get the most out of fall? Here are a few ways we’ll be adding autumnal ambiance to our home.

Think about the lighting.

Lighting is important, but often overlooked. The right lighting allows you to set the tone and mod for whatever you’re going to do—from eating to reading a book. And these days, ambiance is easy to achieve with smart lighting. Invest in a couple lamps for your main living space, and equip them with smart bulbs. Then, set the bulbs to different presets and easily control the mood right from your smart phone or voice activated speaker.

The brightness and color warmth can be changed so the lighting is set exactly how you want it. Remember, even the most beautiful of rooms can fail to capture that perfect autumn ambiance without the right lighting.

Go for soft furnishings.

Warm and cozy go hand-in-hand. So, two places you’ll want to upgrade this fall are your bed and your sofa. Switching up the couch is easy—simply add soft throws and blankets for snuggling. And for an added touch, incorporate autumnal colors into the cushion covers.

For the bedroom, a fresh change to the bedding will go a long way. Invest in some new fitted bed sheets, pillowcases, and a duvet with warm fall colors. It’s a quick and relatively inexpensive way to obtain that beloved cozy factor.

Add seasonal accents.

This is the best part! It’s time to replace your summer air fresheners—the sweet summer fruits, light florals, and clean linens—with something much deeper and cozier. Seasonal fruits combined with spices, such as cinnamon and ginger, are a go-to in my house. Plus, you can’t go wrong with warm vanilla and tree scents, like fir and pine. Find candles, wax melts, and essential oils in these fragrances and you’ll easily set the ambiance for the season.

Of course, don’t forget the pumpkins, twigs, wreaths, and all the other things that say, “WELCOME FALL!”

How do you make your house cozy for the changing season? Share your tips with us!

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