Who We Are

Welcome to OakCityFolk, a site dedicated to the adventures of a family living the American Dream in a 1970s home. We’re a DIY, lifestyle, foster care, and parenting blog.

Formerly, our blog was titled Our 100 Home because we lived in a house that was built in 1913. We have since moved into a funky, atrium-boasting, mid-century modern time capsule.

What Is Oak City?

You may never have heard it, but “Oak City” is a nickname given to our fine city of Oklahoma City. We love Oklahoma and are proud to live here, so adopting the name made sense. And since we’re “folk,” it just kind of stuck.

Meet the Folk

Mom & CEO

Heather is creative, a bit wild, and definitely cries too easily when in the presence of things like bunnies and emotional stories on America’s Got Talent.

Dad & CFO

Byron is mathematical and can typically point out all cars by name. When he’s not playing video games, he can usually be found cleaning.