A weekend in the life

Can you believe it’s been almost a year since this:


My little Russell is growing so fast, and I’ll be honest – it’s hard to keep up! He just wants to go, go, go. All the time! Although we don’t have anything super exciting to post about right now, I did want to give a Russell update. Next week, he’ll be a whopping 14 months old. Ever wonder how a soon-to-be-14-month-old spends his weekends? Well, wonder know more.

First, a celebration for his favorite Oklahoma City Thunder player:


Of course, early morning reading is a must:


Toy time is the best time:



And, to wrap up a great weekend, you’ve gotta sneak into Mom’s craft room and take a seat on her camera – it’s the best view:


Hope everyone is doing well! I look forward to making and sharing more tutorials and updates soon!



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  1. What a sweeety! My little boy’s name is Russell too. I love your blog!

  2. oakcityfolk says:

    Thanks, dear! Russell’s unite!

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