A table for two (well, four)

We’ve been wanting to find the perfect patio table for a while now. Granted, when we really wanted to find one, it wasn’t 100 degrees outside. But, nonetheless. We came across a cute white set with a mid-century feel to it at an estate sale a month or so ago. Now, if we had a truck, this process would have been easier. But, instead, we had to rent one and it was the size of a semi truck with railings. Or, whatever an F250 is. We drove the behemoth through a neighborhood and picked up our set!

It was a steal of a price, so we couldn’t really complain about the rust that was present on parts of the table and chairs. Besides, we were excited to spray paint the table a different color. Enter: Rust-oleum.



Before we sprayed the table and chairs, we made sure to remove rust and other loose residue with a wire brush.


The top of the table slowly transformed into “Sun Yellow.” We also gave all four chairs and the base of the table a coat of white to touch them up.


Last week, we took a trip to Dallas, and stopped by one of my favorite places – IKEA! While at Ikea, we bought many wonderful things, including some crazy inexpensive patio chair cushions.


We are very proud of our cute, refinished patio table and can’t wait to eat many meals outside with our pups!



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