A 70s staple: our new atrium

If you used to frequent our blog, you’ve probably noticed two things. First, we haven’t updated the blog in a while. Secondly, it has a new name.

Well, we haven’t posted in a long time because we’ve been busy raising Russell (who, somehow, is almost a year old!) and we recently moved. About six months ago, we left our 103-year-old home that we dearly loved for a larger house in a quieter neighborhood. We’re in a much better, safer place now, and we’re excited that our neighborhood has parks, a lake, and a pool for Russell to play in.

We plan to update the blog more often and show you around our new 1970s house, share crafts/recipes, and keep you updated on Russell’s silliness. For starters, here’s a look at our new atrium. When we moved in, it was just an empty, leaf-filled area in the middle of our house. Recently, we decided to fix it up and turn it into a very inviting space that makes us want to eat and play out there way more often. Take a look around!



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