3 simple steps to find your peace of mind

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Here’s a hard truth—stress is unavoidable.

We lead busy lives with high expectations, and maintaining some sort of work-life balance
can be difficult. But, keeping our wellbeing in check is important. Some of us handle stress with grace, while others (read: ME) flounder under anxiety. Thankfully, there are some techniques that give us a toolkit for managing this worry and balance.

For example, I’m trying to take control of my nights by doing things that relax me. Reading, for example. Or, yoga. But if that’s not your thing, here are three additional tips for finding your peace of mind.

1. Tackle the worst first.

Do you start your morning by tackling the easiest task on your to-do list? Me too. After all, we’re creatures of habit who often fall into checking emails or dealing with easy tasks right off the bat. But, experts suggest this is the wrong way to use the most productive period of our day.

Instead, start each day—whether at home or work—with the most daunting task. A difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding, a report you don’t want to write, or some organizing you’ve been neglecting. Whatever it may be, get it out of the way. The more you think about and dread the task, the more mental energy you consume. Jumping in headfirst, even if you don’t finish it, will boost your mood and increase your sense of achievement.

Your reward? Increased productivity and a mood boost for the rest of the day!

2. Establish a sense of security.

Feeling secure is a huge factor in freeing up your mental energies so you can focus on important goals. So, how can you ensure a sense of security in your home? Perhaps it’s a home security system. There are tons of options available, so find a professional service such as homesecuritysystem.co to help you get it right.

Worrying about issues you can’t control is a waste of energy and time. Instead, let the professionals take care of some things so you can focus on sorting the rest.

3. Make a gratitude list.

If you’re like me, pausing for a moment of gratitude is often overlooked. We have so much to be thankful for, and stopping to recognize the things (and people) in our lives that make it so great can help increase peace of mind.

To get started, create a gratitude journal. Keep the notebook by your bed and get into the habit of writing down three things/people you feel thankful for every night. This could be a hug from your child, summer flowers, a colleague who complimented your work—or, if you’re me, wine.

Not only does this technique refocus your brain and encourage positivity, it’s also a great resource to look back on when you feel overwhelmed.

How do you control stress and find your peace of mind? Share your tips!

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