3 home decor trends that are making their comeback

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When it comes to home decor, everything runs in cycles.

For years, a particular way of decorating your home is seen as the “in” thing to do. Then soon enough, it goes out of fashion as new things shine. But every now and then, the cycle repeats and old trends are back. It’s just like fashion, right?

I’m not claiming to be a home decor expert, but I’ve noticed some things are making a massive comeback. To keep you in-the-know, here are the top three:


In our house, there’s not much carpet. But, if you walk into a most other older houses, you’ll typically find a lot of carpet. When laminate, hardwood, and vinyl flooring became popular, carpet slowly disappeared from many homes. But now, much to the delight of carpet stores, carpet seems to be regaining popularity. With improvements and better designs, modern carpets add extra coziness to any room. And, they’re often a cheaper option—great news if you’re on a budget!

Mid-century Furniture

The 1950s were filled with style rebirth, and as a result, fantastic furniture. But as years went by, mid-century designs became replaced with modern offerings, like plush sofas and rustic elements. I’m happy to report that, these days, mid-century furniture is certainly making a comeback. People love those 50s designs, and many companies are replicating them with a slightly modern touch.

Take our house, for example! It’s filled with mid-century clean lines and touches of gold—adding a bit of simple elegance. Here’s our dream living room:


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Like carpet, wallpaper was a big deal decades ago. In fact, we removed quite a bit of the stuff from our 100-year-old home. Because the wallpaper of decades past typically featured some pretty wacky designs, it ultimately led to the removal or covering of such wall art. It was easy to paint over old designs, and there is arguably more freedom to create unique looks with painting. But now, wallpaper is back… or so it seems.

Thanks to modern technology, it’s easier than ever before for artists and designers to create their own wallpaper designs. And, you can even create a look similar to a painted wall with the added protection of wallpaper.

Carpet, mid-century furniture, and wallpaper may sound like the house you grew up in. But, that’s the way trends work, right? Who knows what old-home decor trends will be popular a year from now! Until then, consider adding some of these trends to your space. After all, they’re making a comeback!

What’s your decor style?

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