Our cozy family Thanksgiving

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving! It’s a great time to be with family, cook, and count blessings. And this year, Thanksgiving was a first for us – the first time we’ve spent it without our extended family. Admittedly, I was a bit sad there were only 4 of us spending the holiday together. But, we made […]

A working mom’s tale of missing out

Immediately after returning home from a business trip, I remembered my son doctor’s appointment the next morning. I checked the calendar to discover there was just no way I could make it happen. Not with meetings every hour, on the hour. I reschedule the appointment, and must now wait 6 weeks until the next availability. […]

Taylor Ferry campground: Pictures and review


It’s been way too long since a Scampin’ adventure! So this past weekend, we took the Scamp back out for some camping fun. This time, we opted for an actual campground instead of an RV park. We wanted that woodsy, campfire feel—and, we scored with Taylor Ferry in Wagoner, OK. Taylor Ferry Campground Location: Wagoner, […]