• Motherhood
  • Hey, Mom…I’m Sorry

    Concrete stairs separate the two levels of our home. My very active toddler has always been good at navigating them, and (knock on wood) we haven’t had any accidents. But, still. They’re concrete. And so, there are rules. He was perched on the middle step, which he knows he shouldn’t do. “You need to go […]

  • Holidays
  • Wrap, Recycle, Repeat with Wrappily

    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, this product is, indeed, the bee’s knees. Did you know that wrapping paper and shopping bags make up approximately 4 million tons of trash in the U.S. every year? And, we throw away 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each holiday season (that’s enough to circle the world nine times, folks!). […]

  • Life
  • The Unexpected Effect of My New Gold Tooth

    I was eating a piece of garlic bread at a restaurant. My parents across from me, my husband to my left, my food-throwing toddler to my right. By all accounts, life was good. But there was something odd about this bread. It was crunchy (perhaps too much salt, I reasoned). A few bites later, I […]

  • Motherhood
  • I let my son see me cry

    As women, we are often told to be strong. As mothers, we usually don’t have a choice. It’s no secret that motherhood is difficult. It’s painful, it’s scary, and it’s just plain hard. So, we are strong. But ladies, we’re emotional too. I can’t count the number of times I’ve cried this week. And I’m not […]

  • Life
  • What I Want You to Know About Clipping Coupons

    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, this product is, indeed, the bee’s knees. You’ve heard of Groupon, right? If you’re heading to an event, looking for a hotel, or even traveling across the world, it’s the go-to place for finding deals. But did you know they also have coupons for everyday purchases? You don’t […]

  • Life
  • What have you seen?

    If you read my previous post about finding your Buddha, you already know I have an affinity for true crime podcasts. I tend to take these morbid little tidbits I hear and turn them into something way bigger than intended. Here’s another example. I was listening to a podcast on my way to work. I […]