Make It By Hand: Paper Crafting Book Giveaway

paper crafting

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, this product is, indeed, the bee’s knees. Where my crafters at? Say, “heyyyy…heyyy.” If you’re like me, you find explicit joy in crafting (and 90s pop). It doesn’t matter what the project is, you know how to get jiggy with it. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce […]

Put on your mask first

I really don’t like flying. There’s the chaos of getting through the airport, the security process, delays, cancellations, airport-provided hotels that smell like smoke and mold, shuttles, and ear pops. Worst of all, the landing. That screeching, bumpy halt gets me every single time. I just don’t like any of it. Still, previous jobs and […]

Oklahoma City, we remember and we stand together

168. That’s the number of people killed on April 19, 1995, when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Downtown Oklahoma City was bombed. In addition to those 168 lives lost, nearly 700 others were injured. Glass shattered nearby buildings. Cars burned. People became homeless. It was a blast so powerful that nearby seismometers recorded […]

Here’s to hoping you find your Kevin Durant

There’s this saying going around: “May the Kevin Durant in your life leave you so you can be the Russell Westbrook you were meant to be.” If you’re not a follower of the NBA or a citizen of Oklahoma, this may not mean much to you. But, it’s an important topic to discuss. As a […]

I don’t always put my clothes away

There’s a pile of clean laundry on my bedroom floor. Weeks ago, my husband neatly folded each piece and stacked it next to the bed. It was his attempt at inspiring me to hang them up. Bless his sweet little heart. There’s something you should know about my husband: he’s a neat freak. And I’m… […]